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March 4, 2019 marked the one-year active surveillance follow up date for the very early stage breast cancer diagnosis that I was given in January 2018. Instead of proceeding with a lumpectomy and possible radiation (as was originally suggested by the first surgeon I was referred to) I chose to take a wait and see approach as there was not 100% certainty that what had been detected on my mammograms, ultrasounds and two biopsies was indeed something that needed to be treated immediately or even at...

It is my belief that YES you should seek a second opinion, especially (as in my experience) something doesn't feel right about the news and options for treatment that you are being given.

Most women panic and want something done right away when they receive the frightening news that there are malignant cells in their breast. We can often be swayed by what the medical system has to say about what needs to be done to heal our bodies. Yet, more often than not, there is no need to rush into a decisio...

When I received the news that there was a "favoured low-grade neoplastic lesion" in my right breast I wasn't clear on what that was. What does "favoured" mean? That there "might be"? That there might NOT be? And what is a low-grade neoplastic lesion anyway? The pathology reports from the two biopsies that had followed several mammograms and ultrasounds, were confusing and full of contradictory and indecipherable information that left me feeling uneasy and with more questions than clarity....

I recently read some words on a Facebook page that said something like, "Often your dharma can be found IN your pain." Those words really struck a chord with me, although I didn't quite know why. So I let them sit with me and allowed the message in those words to come to the surface in time. I have learned that resonance with something always comes with a purpose, message or insight ... and I have learned to listen to that feeling of resonance in order to hear what is trying to reach me....

I have always been a huge fan of Wayne Dyer. His teachings and message have been paramount in both my healing and spiritual journeys. One of his famous quotes that has inspired me time and time again is, "Don't die with your music still in you." 

During my darkest days, when my depressions, anxieties, emotional pain and substance abuse challenges were at their worst I had lost all sense of who I was. My spirit wandered aimlessly, like a nomad of sorts having become separated from who I was b...

There it is again. That feeling deep inside your gut that you can't quite put your finger on. It is familiar, yet oh so distant ... like a face you remember in an instant, yet can't put a name to.   

When I first started feeling my feelings instead of doing everything I could to avoid them, it was extremely difficult to do.  Instead, I would fall back into my patterns of ignoring them, placating them with a glass of wine, and reaching anywhere and doing anything outside of myself to rat...

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