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February 28, 2017

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June 16, 2013

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There has been so much focus on Mental Health in recent months and years, becoming more and more prevalent in the news and in society. Awareness is great, I get that and I applaud it. Especially since before, those suffering from depression, anxiety, delusions, panic etc. were labelled as crazy and as experiencing something to be ashamed of.

Now that we have achieved awareness, what I don't feel we need moving forward is more psychiatrists, coping skills, therapy appointments and pills. I believe...

We often view depression as something negative.  Of course it doesn't feel very good, but is it actually something to be feared and rejected or something to be thankful for and embraced? We can choose to look at depression as something that is representative of ourselves such as a defect in our character or as a result of life circumstances beyond our control, but rarely does depression signify anything other than as a message that something in our life is not aligning with who we are and what o...

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September 23, 2019

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