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When I was first diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer I chose “active surveillance” instead of a lumpectomy as my treatment. I wanted to take a “wait and see” approach for the progression (if any) of the small group of malignant cells in my right breast … taking action as necessary, but not before.

The first surgeon I was referred to after the pathology reports from my two biopsies came back, said that surgery (with the possibility of radiation post surgery) was pretty much my only optio...

There has been so much focus on Mental Health in recent months and years, becoming more and more prevalent in the news and in society. Awareness is great, I get that and I applaud it. Especially since before, those suffering from depression, anxiety, delusions, panic etc. were labelled as crazy and as experiencing something to be ashamed of.

Now that we have achieved awareness, what I don't feel we need moving forward is more psychiatrists, coping skills, therapy appointments and pills. I believe...

We often view depression as something negative.  Of course it doesn't feel very good, but is it actually something to be feared and rejected or something to be thankful for and embraced? We can choose to look at depression as something that is representative of ourselves such as a defect in our character or as a result of life circumstances beyond our control, but rarely does depression signify anything other than as a message that something in our life is not aligning with who we are and what o...

Okay, so this may be an odd analogy, but it seemed fitting to me when I cracked my first free range egg the other day.  I recently made the decision to make the switch from purchasing regular eggs to ones produced by hens who live in an open-concept environment and are free to roam, feed and nest.  After having having witnessed numerous flatbed trucks drive down my country road filled with chickens crammed into tiny cages gasping for breath in the sweltering heat, I could no longer bring myself...

I watched a movie recently that reminded me of something I have often wondered about myself.  The movie (Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy) was in itself very riveting, but it was the lifestyle of the Italians that really hit the mark for me.  The movie made reference to the values of Italians, how in that country it's not what you do for a living that is a defining factor in who you are as an individual (as it often is here in North America). In Italy, you are not judged or thought more or...

The Law of Attraction seems to be the new buzzword out there these days, at least in the "enlightened" and spiritual circles, those where people are seeking a deeper meaning to their life’s journey and are eager to create a life on their own terms instead of accepting a life passively acquired by default.   According to Esther and Jerry Hicks (“The Law of Attraction”, 2006), “You will begin to recognize the exact correlation between what you have been thinking about and what...

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