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Content & Copy Writing

Article - Haiti Partners

An article written to showcase the international Language Hangouts Program run by Haiti Partners. While presenting as mostly informative in nature, the underlying intent was to increase financial & volunteer support.

Fundraising Catalogue

I wrote the copy and designed a printed fundraising catalogue for a local Haitian charity to help raise funds to support a telemedicine clinic in L'estere, Haiti.

Article - Waking Up Hungry

Waking Up Hungry Article - written when I lived in Haiti for several months in 2014, engaging my supporters with the experience of the true feeling of hunger and inspiring others to support my initiatives. 

Website Content

A website I wrote the copy and designed for Restore Haiti to showcase their humanitarian projects and programs, inform and update their supporters and donors and to garner new supporters of their mission in Haiti.

Blog Content Writing

Bi-weekly blog / news posts for Restore Haiti utilizing my storytelling expertise to inform and engage supporters, donors and the general public with appealing content.

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