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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Okay, so this may be an odd analogy, but it seemed fitting to me when I cracked my first free range egg the other day. I recently made the decision to make the switch from purchasing regular eggs to ones produced by hens who live in an open-concept environment and are free to roam, feed and nest. After having having witnessed numerous flatbed trucks drive down my country road filled with chickens crammed into tiny cages gasping for breath in the sweltering heat, I could no longer bring myself to purchase a dozen eggs from what may have come from one of these poor helpless and abused creatures. Upon cracking my first free range egg I was impressed by the smooth, delicate outer shell it had in comparison to the much thicker, rough exterior of the eggs I had previously been used to. I started to wonder if the hens subject to harsher treatment, less freedom and a more constricting, cruel environment produced eggs with a thicker shell compared to the more elegant egg that kinder and more humane treatment experienced by a free-range bird seemed to produce. I have no idea if this concept is an actual truth or not, but it did make me ponder this thought as I feel that we as humans do the same thing. That is, I believe that if we are not surrounded by love, kindness and compassion on a daily basis and instead are inundated with cruel words, unkind actions and mistreatment, we too will produce a hardened exterior or shell around us in order to protect ourselves and our spirit. Something to think about isn't it?

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