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How Can I?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

How can I tell him to not give up

when he hasn't eaten in days and his body and mind are weak and sick from lack of nutrition?

How can I tell him to hang in there

when he has no money, no job and no opportunity?

How can I ask him to dream of a better life

when he may be sick with cholera from drinking contaminated water?

How can I hope to inspire him

when his dirt floor is flooded from the rain, his roof is leaking and his spirit is broken?

How can I try to give him strength

when the government controls if and when he receives electricity?

How can I ask him to keep his hope alive, to dream of a better life one day

when his heart and soul are weak from the cruel reality of his current circumstances?

How can I tell him that people love him and care about him

when he's lonely and all alone in his world, pacing from room to room with the sole purpose of not losing his mind?

How can I tell him to think positive thoughts

when he's surrounded by negativity and impoverished living conditions at every turn?

How can I tell him I care and that I understand like I would to someone here at home

when caring just isn't enough and saying that I understand is almost an insult.

So really, how can I?

I can BECAUSE I care so much, BECAUSE I want to love, inspire, and give strength and hope.

I can BECAUSE I know there's a reason that I care so much, that my heart has been opened wide to those living in Haiti.

I can BECAUSE I believe that somehow, someway I can and will make a difference in the hearts and lives of the people there.

I can BECAUSE I have faith and trust in something bigger than myself to show me the way.

And because sometimes love IS enough to heal hearts and lives ... that is how I can.

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