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Depressed = Deep Rest

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

We often view depression as something negative. Of course it doesn't feel very good, but is it actually something to be feared and rejected or something to be thankful for and embraced? We can choose to look at depression as something that is representative of ourselves such as a defect in our character or as a result of life circumstances beyond our control, but rarely does depression signify anything other than as a message that something in our life is not aligning with who we are and what our spirit wants to feel alive and on point.

Depression needs to be viewed as an urging from our true self to take a step back and re-evaluate things, as a time of rest and inner reflection, of going within and listening to our inner guru that is trying to get our attention via the emotions that we are experiencing.

I know for myself that I need to be very mindful to not personalize the times when I feel beaten down, alone, lonely and sad. Too often in the past I would beat myself up and feel like something was wrong with me and that the depression I was feeling was a result of my not being good enough, lovable, worthy or the gazillion other negative labels I would put on myself and my depression. Now I remind myself during these times that how I am feeling is not how I have always felt, nor what I will always feel ... that it is just a temporary state of mind and emotional barometer that can actually be an ally of mine rather than something to try and push away. I have learned to listen to my depression when it shows up as I now see it as something that is trying to send me a message. I know to tune in to my inner voice and heart for the answers that can and will lead me out of my depressive state if I follow my own inner guidance about what needs to be addressed in my life.

Depression is not YOU, it is simply a guide and is there to help you. It is a sign that something is off in your life. Are you holding onto something that no longer serves you? Are you going through the motions of daily life without any purpose or passion and that is leaving you emotionally drained? Is your work life leaving you unfulfilled? Are you living or working in a toxic environment? Are you feeling valued by those closest to you? Go within ... go to that place of vulnerability, the place where the depression lies ... for it is in meeting and embracing these feelings and listening to their gentle whispers that the answers to what your spirit wants you to tell you will be found.

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