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Diving Deep Into the Feeling

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

There it is again. That feeling deep inside your gut that you can't quite put your finger on. It is familiar, yet oh so distant ... like a face you remember in an instant, yet can't put a name to.

When I first started feeling my feelings instead of doing everything I could to avoid them, it was extremely difficult to do. Instead, I would fall back into my patterns of ignoring them, placating them with a glass of wine, and reaching anywhere and doing anything outside of myself to rationalize, push away and run from them ... seeking answers from outside rather than from within. It was just too painful, confusing and scary, for learning to trust them or fully feel them was simply not in the vocabulary of my life experience. Fear of what they would reveal to me kept me running from them an entire lifetime. It wasn't only from fear of what I may find and be forced to face that had me running for cover, but from years of conditioning that had me believe my feelings were wrong and misguided, not something to be valued and embraced.

I now know that feelings are our guideposts in life, something to be felt to the fullest and used to navigate our way through life, following the path that leaves us feeling good and turning away from things that leave us feeling not so good, even if at times we may not understand why. It is especially difficult to understand the feelings that feel "negative", the ones deep in your gut that say something feels off balance and not quite right or are filled with a sense of dread, anxiety, pain or sadness. These are the feelings that truly need to be felt as they are huge messengers for us that we need to listen to and can learn, heal and grow from if given the attention that they are seeking and need.

Even if we don't understand the feelings, dive deep into them. Feel them to the fullest extent that you can, and wait to see what is revealed to you. This may come in the form of an intuitive sense of inner knowing or understanding that wasn't there before. Sometimes there is no awareness experienced at all, yet a deep healing takes place from feeling a deep rooted emotion that shows up often in your life based on past experiences that were never processed. In this case, a relief of sorts will be felt as an energetic release occurs within your spiritual body.

Our feelings are our road map in our lives. They are sending us messages all of the time; we just need to tune into them to hear what song they are singing. The importance of understanding our emotions can not be undervalued. The emotions we feel are not only guideposts for us to pay attention to; they are also energetic frequencies that we emit out into the world and are beacons of light that attract people, experiences and events to us. When we feel overwhelmed, we attract more overwhelm. When we feel joy, we attract more experiences that bring us joy.

So whether our feelings are something that we need to dive into and fully feel in order to process and release them, use as a navigation tool when seeking guidance, or to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves that need healing from so that we can align ourselves with the life that we desire to experience, their importance is paramount. The next time those feelings deep inside your gut surface and make themselves known to you, honour them, dive deep into them and be open to what they have to say to you. You may be surprised by what your heart has been trying to get you to hear all along ... just feel and listen.

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