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Should You Seek a Second Opinion for your Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

It is my belief that YES you should seek a second opinion, especially (as in my experience) something doesn't feel right about the news and options for treatment that you are being given.

Most women panic and want something done right away when they receive the frightening news that there are malignant cells in their breast. We can often be swayed by what the medical system has to say about what needs to be done to heal our bodies. Yet, more often than not, there is no need to rush into a decision in the heat of the moment. With increasingly sophisticated detection measures now available, it is possible to shed light on very early stage concerns. Concerns that don't necessarily mean that immediate surgical action is required (if at all). This was the biggest question mark for me. I was told by the first surgeon I went to see, that the mucinous lesion in my breast could go completely unnoticed and not cause any serious health condition for the rest of my life if it remained dormant. To me it didn't make sense why I would jump into having surgery if the possibility of dormancy existed.

There are proven alternative medicines and treatments available that undeniably work to heal ourselves. I have successfully implemented many of these types of treatments to help heal other areas of my life, including a serious mental health diagnosis and a drug and alcohol dependency. We have just been programmed to not believe in unconventional treatments, and to only look at the pharmaceutical and medical industries for answers, instead of being given alternative options that may elicit a result that is just as effective as an invasive treatment such as surgery and/or radiation. I wanted the opportunity to give them a shot, to take a wait and see approach while implementing lifestyle changes, homeopathy, CBD, energy work, stress reduction etc. with or without the support of a doctor, but preferably with.

This is exactly what I found when I sought a second opinion. The original surgeon I was referred to would have no part of it and even went so far as to let me know that an "active surveillance" approach would be highly frowned upon by those on his team that would be involved in my care.

What did I do when I originally went to see the first surgeon I had been referred to? I agreed to surgery in six weeks. What did I do when I had a few days to think about and more importantly FEEL more about it? I called my family doctor and asked to be referred to another surgeon for a second opinion, one who would be more open to my way of looking at things. My perseverance and advocacy for myself paid off. I was connected with a doctor who was not only open to me trying to utilize natural and organic methods of eliminating the cancer cells in my breast first, she applauded it.

It has been several months now since my original mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies showed some concerning cells and one month since beginning to implement alternative healing options, including dietary and nutritional intake adjustments (ie. cutting out sugar, dairy, increasing the amount of cancer fighting foods etc.), CBD ingestion, meditation and visualization, energy work, homeopathic and herbal remedies and mind/body connection practices etc.

I visualize daily about being given the news that the concerning cells are no longer visible in my breast when I return for a follow up exam. More than anything else, I appreciate being given the opportunity to try with a supportive and compassionate surgeon by my side. While the outcome isn't 100% certain, healing in this fashion does happen. I intend to be one of the ones that it happens to ... and intention, belief and a positive mindset mean everything.

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