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18 Month Follow Up - Cancer Cells REDUCED!!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Today I found out some even better news than I did at my one year follow up. Not only (as reported during my one year follow up appointment) did the concerning cells in my breast not grow or change since my original diagnosis, they actually REDUCED IN NUMBER!!!

I'm not sure if I wasn't paying attention during my one year follow up appointment and I missed this astounding piece of information or if it was just glossed over at the time, but today my surgeon reported that my situation is in actuality not remaining the same (which was great enough on it's own), but is actually IMPROVING!! My BI-RADS rating was downgraded from a 4 to a 3.

At this appointment a few days ago my surgeon affirmed that this was the case and that she is completely confident moving forward with our plan to wait and see, continuing to closely monitor and assess, with the hope and faith that my cancer cells implode and disappear completely.

And to think it was originally suggested (by a different surgeon) that I proceed with a lumpectomy and possible radiation (and even a mastectomy!!). It just blows my mind as I now sit here today facing a situation that may not even be a situation of concern any longer.

I am so glad I trusted myself and my gut and advocated for what felt right and true for me. I would highly encourage any woman who finds themselves in a similar position to take the time to dig deeper, listen to their heart and gut, ask questions and trust themselves instead of immediately going under the knife.

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