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Project Management

Language Hangouts Program - Haiti Partners

​I increased volunteer participation and support for this internationally recognized program which connects English-speaking volunteers in Canada and the U.S. with students in Haiti. 

Art & Music Program - New Life Projects (Haiti)

During my independent humanitarian efforts in Haiti, I developed and implemented a weekly Music & Art Program and garnered support and donations by developing an effective social media presence including a Facebook page, YouTube videos and website.

Haitian Child Sponsorship Program

When working on-staff for a local Haitian charity I coordinated a Child Sponsorship program, increasing support and sponsors for several children in desperate need of monthly financial support for food, education and medical purposes. 

Donation Recruitment - Haiti 

During my independent humanitarian efforts in Haiti I advocated for and received donations of musical instruments, clothes, medical supplies, educational items and recreational equipment. Pictured here are the soccer uniforms and balls that were received from a generous voluntary donation. 

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