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Project Management

Language Hangouts Program - Haiti Partners

​I managed an internationally recognized online program that connected English-speaking volunteers in Canada and the U.S. with students in Haiti to provide them with the opportunity to learn and practise their English. In addition to managing this program, I also recruited many new volunteers and supporters.​

Art & Music Program - New Life Projects (Haiti)

During my independent humanitarian efforts in Haiti in 2014 - 2015 I developed and implemented a weekly Music & Art Program which grew from only a few children to almost 100 children attending within a few months time. I garnered support and financial and material donations to assist with this program.

Haitian Child Sponsorship Programs

I assisted with the management of Restore Haiti's Student Sponsorship Program, which provides free education to 1,000 students. When working on-staff for a local Haitian charity, LifePaths Global Alliance, several years ago I also coordinated their Child Sponsorship program.

Christmas Food Packages Campaign - Restore Haiti

This project that I managed involved raising funds for food packages for students and their families in Haiti for Christmas. Overseeing this project from Canada included soliciting over $10,000 in donations and coordinating the purchase and distribution of 1,000 food packages in Haiti.

School Supply Campaign - Restore Haiti

In 2023 I managed Restore Haiti's School Supply Campaign which provided approximately 1,000 students with a backpack filled with school supplies. Managing this project included the hiring of 15 Haitian sewers, raising over $20,000 and coordinating the purchase of school supplies in Haiti.

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