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About Me

Over the years I have remotely coordinated an international English-enhancing program for students in Haiti, helped raise funds to house children living in impoverished conditions, sponsored elephants in Kenya, donkeys in Israel and pot bellied pigs in Canada and advocated for non-invasive breast cancer treatments. I have coordinated a Child Sponsorship Program, tamed and homed feral cats, helped empower people with mental health & addiction challenges, served meals at homeless shelters, dug water cisterns and laid earthen floors in Guatemala and advocated on behalf of neglected and mistreated animals. I have also spent many months in Haiti independently providing front-line humanitarian aid and implementing a weekly Music & Art Program at a local school.


Combining my communications expertise alongside my passion for helping I aim to be the voice that inspires others to care and help make a difference in someone’s life and in the world. Your mission is my mission. My creative and effective visuals, copy and content writing along with genuine storytelling and engagement can do just that … motivate others to support your vision and grow your following, enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and projects and increase the financial contributions that you receive.


My passion for helping others began when I was very young. One of my earliest memories is from when I was around four years old. It was a rainy and gloomy day, yet there I was outside in my bright yellow raincoat and hat holding a little stick that I was using to go puddle to puddle, "rescuing" worms as I thought they would drown. For as long as I can remember, caring about and helping those less fortunate, suffering or more vulnerable has been what fuels me and lights me up. It is who I am deep in my spirit and soul.

I reside in Ontario, Canada but provide my communications expertise for non-profit organizations, individuals and charitable causes all across the globe. Please reach out to see how I can help be the voice for those you support!


" You definitely have a gift for taking my ramblings and making something very meaningful out of it! "
Jodie Engle Kane, Haiti Partners
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